Community Spotlight: Aviation Museum of NH

Community Spotlight: Aviation Museum of NH

When we think of flying today, we tend to think of having to wake up early in the morning to go to the airport, waiting in line to get through security, and of course, airplane food.

While flying may seem second nature to us—no different than riding a crowded subway or driving through miles of traffic—aviation has a rich and varied history that is much different than flying today. At the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire, they welcome everyone to visit and learn more about their exciting and thrilling history.

About the Museum

Community Spotlight: Aviation Museum of NHThe Aviation Museum is New Hampshire’s only working museum that covers aviation history in the Granite State. The exhibits feature vital information regarding a slew of places, events, and artifacts that have, over the years, helped to shape New Hampshire’s aviation. The museum is operated by New Hampshire Aviation Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the state’s flight history. This commitment can also be seen in where they operate.

The museum operates in the now-defunct Manchester Airport terminal building, which first opened in 1937. The terminal remained operational until 1995 when the expansion of the Manchester Airport led to it being selected for demolition. Wanting to preserve the terminal’s rich history, the City of Manchester, the Manchester Airport Director, The Federal Aviation Administration, and NH Division of Historical Resources took measures to save the terminal from being untimely destroyed, and in 2004 (after raising 1.1 million dollars) the terminal was successfully transformed into a museum and educational facility.

Their Education Program

In addition to being a wonderful museum where visitors can stroll through and gain further insights into the proud men and women that helped to shape New Hampshire’s aviation history, the museum also has educational programs for children.

They offer an outreach program for students ages K through 8 where students can learn more about the many fruitful and exciting careers within aviation. The program is meant to be a primer to spark the students’ interests in aviation and includes an hour-long presentation, video and interactive demonstrations, and paper airplane building and flying.

For older students with a deeper prospect in aviation, the museum offers an accredited educational course containing six modules that are based upon NASA’s “Virtual Skies” curriculum.

Become a Member

Community Spotlight: Aviation Museum of NHIn addition to offering volunteer opportunities, you can also personally help to fund the museum and its programs by becoming a member through donations. They offer different member packages, and while also knowing that your money is going towards a great cause, members are also able to reap many different benefits. Some of these benefits include a 10% discount in the Museum Gift Shop, a monthly online magazine, invitations to quarterly luncheon programs as well as events, and a quarterly subscription to their newsletter, “The Aeronaut”.

Fly on Down Today!

Whether you’re wanting to take a stroll down their museum, enrich you or your child’s education and career opportunities, or are wanting to become a member or volunteer, New Hampshire’s Aviation Museum is the perfect place to visit!

You can give them a call or visit their Facebook!