Dog Groomers Manchester NH


It’s no secret that dogs, while cute and cuddly, can make quite a mess of themselves. So, it’s rather important to give them a proper cleaning now and again. You may be wondering, though, where you could bring your dog for a professional wash-up.

We’d be happy to help with this collection of some noteworthy local businesses. Make no bones about it: These are some of the best dog groomers in Manchester, NH.


If you’re looking for a high-quality dog groomer at an affordable price, Dirty Dogs with Muddy Paws may just be the place for you.

Owner Sherry Benson really loves dogs. So much so, that she left her longstanding career as an executive assistant to open her own dog grooming business.
She also believes in the importance of making the canines as comfortable as possible. Between her experience and interest in the welfare of animals, you can rest assured your pup is getting the best care possible.
Dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes are welcome to visit for service. Plus, when you make an appointment, that time belongs to your pet alone. Therefore, they’ll get the staff’s full attention and can even roam the place if desired.
For more information, check out DIRTY DOGS WITH MUDDY PAWS ON FACEBOOK.


Ruff to Fluff is the full-service salon that’s all about the care and well-being of man’s best friend.

Owner Laura Carignan opened this business in 2004. With her 12+ years of experience, you can trust that she’ll give your pooch the gold-star treatment. Then there’s Mia Foote, who’s had over six years of grooming experience, with about five of those years working directly for Laura. While she’s become a stay-at-home mom, the work that she’s done at Ruff to Fluff has had a lasting impression.
You’re welcome to bring your canine in for a quick fix to maintain your pet’s health and appearance. Whether they need their nails trimmed or teeth brushed, Laura can do that for you.
On the other hand, your dog may need a full grooming. If so, they’ll get a bath, brush, and blow-dry.
Many more services are included with the full grooming, which you can discover on the RUFF TO FLUFF DOG GRRROOMING FACEBOOK PAGE.


As your best friend and family member, the dog in your life deserves to be looking and feeling their finest. Therefore, you’ll want to get them all cleaned up as soon as possible.

So, don’t wait. Book an appointment for them as one of these dog groomers in Manchester, NH, today!