How Long Do Brake Pads Last

How Long Do Brake Pads Last

Brake Pads are a relatively small part of a vehicle, but without them, your brakes wouldn’t be able to respond properly when you need them most. For daily commutes or long drives around Bedford, Manchester, and Merrimack, it’s important to have brake pads that stop the car when you press the brakes.

As time goes on, brake pads do wear down. Before thinking about replacement, you might be wondering, “how long do brake pads last?” The answer will vary, depending on the design and material they’re made of. However, Ira Lexus of Manchester is committed to solving any brake pad or brake repair issue you might have. Read below to learn more about brake pads and how often they need replacement.

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Wear and tear on your brakes, and the brake pads themselves, varies from vehicle to vehicle. A fair amount of city driving with lots of tapping of the brakes can wear them down more often. On the flip side of things, frequent highway driving at a normal cruising speed reduces the wear. However, brake pads will last around 30,000-40,000 miles. If a large chunk of your driving is highway driving, though, brake pads have been known to last up to 60,000 or 70,000 miles.

Front brake pads usually show signs of wear sooner, as they handle the weight transfer load when pressing down on the brake pedal. The car naturally wants to keep moving forward, so the weight is shifted toward the front, meaning the rear brake pads last longer.

If you’ve noticed a squeaking sound, and it doesn’t seem to be going away, the brake pads should be inspected and potentially replaced. Our technicians will be happy to evaluate the issue and find a solution.


How Long Do Brake Pads LastThere are ways to make brake pads last a little longer. As mentioned above, one of the best ways to do it is to avoid stop-and-go driving. Of course, that’s not possible for every driver or commuter. Here are some things that can be done, though.

Low and slow. Low speeds and avoiding a hard brake from a higher speed lengthens the life of the pads.

Just one is enough. Foot, that is. Those who use two feet while driving usually tap the brakes more often.

Stay away. Keep a distance from other cars to reduce the chances of braking suddenly.

These are good tips not just for maintaining brake pads, but for getting the most out of other brake components, too.


Getting out in front of brake issues allows the experienced technicians at our Lexus service center to take care of any problems before they become major. If the brake pedal is feeling soft or the car doesn’t seem to be stopping the way it once did, brake repair may be necessary.

If brakes are making a squeaking or squealing sound, it might be necessary to have the brake pads replaced. Let our team handle all your brake needs.


We hope we answered all your questions about how long brake pads should last. If you think you need to get your brakes repaired, for complete brake service, call on the professional technicians at Ira Lexus of Manchester. We’ve assisted many drivers in Bedford, Manchester and Merrimack and hope this article answered the question, “How long do brake pads last?” Contact us to SCHEDULE A SERVICE APPOINTMENT today!


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