How to Balance Tires

How to Balance Tires

Think about it: without a set of properly placed tires, moving over the roads of Bedford, Manchester, and Merrimack wouldn’t be quite so easy.
So, to ensure that every commute and spontaneous adventure you take is as effortless as possible, it’s important to provide your tires with plenty of life-preserving service.
Luckily, keeping your tires in the best shape possible is as simple as visiting the state-of-the-art service center at Ira Lexus of Manchester for a tire balance service.
Thanks to the expertise of our skilled mechanics, we’ll help you answer any question you have about your vehicle’s maintenance needs, including, “How to Balance Your Tires.” Let’s get started!


Balance TiresDepending on your driving environments you may need a wheel balance service sooner or later than other drivers.
On average, most automobiles require this procedure after every 4,000 to 6,000 miles you drive. By getting tire balance services frequently, you’ll make sure to eliminate any slight or severe imbalances before they damage your tire tread or other parts of your car.


Despite what you may think, uneven tires can be caused by everyday vehicle performance, especially if you happen to drive along uneven roads. For the most part, those imbalances are corrected during your automobile’s routine maintenance visits.
However, if you can’t remember the last time your vehicle saw the interior of a service facility, it’s possible that it’s time for you to schedule a tire balancing appointment.
Even the slightest weight difference between your tires can cause uneven tread wear, which could ultimately hamper the performance of your car.
To identify if your car needs a tire balance, take a look at some of these telltale signs!


How to Balance TiresBefore you grab your tool kit to attempt a tire balance yourself, this process is best handled by a professional technician.
Because this service requires state-of-the-art balancing equipment, you’ll want to visit a cutting-edge service center, like the one at our Lexus dealership, to provide your vehicle with a proper tire balance.
Tire balances are comprised of the following steps:
• Your tires and wheels are mounted onto a balancing machine.
• Then, your technician analyzes the vibration patterns produced by your tire when spinning. That allows them to pinpoint where the imbalance is located and how much weight to add.
• After that, the mechanic will attach carefully placed offsetting weights onto the tire in question to fix the balance issue.
• Finally, your service professional will remount your wheels and tires onto your car.
After your technician is finished, feel free to ask about any tips that can prevent wheel and tire imbalances in the future.


Not sure if your vehicle needs a tire balance service? Well, typically, your automobile will exhibit a few symptoms that indicate if your tires are uneven.
• Uneven Tread Wear: Uneven tread wear is one of the first symptoms that your tires need to be rebalanced. Regardless if one of your wheels is carrying more or less weight than the others, you’ll notice the cushion on your tires wearing down more quickly. Usually, these wear patterns will be scalloped or cupped.
• Vibrating: Any vibration sensations you feel while travelling at high speeds could be the result of a tire imbalance. These vibrations are usually felt in the steering wheel or in the floorboard of your cabin. So, if you’ve been noticing your car shaking, rattling, and rolling, you’re ready to visit your local service facility.


Now that you know more about how to balance car tires, it’s time for you to consider meeting your vehicle’s maintenance needs with a visit to the repair shop at Ira Lexus of Manchester. Here, our tire specialists will go above and beyond to give your tires the balance they need to perform at their best.
All you have to do is stop by our facility, give us a call, or SCHEDULE YOUR TIRE BALANCE appointment today! We’re proud to provide drivers near Bedford, Manchester, and Merrimack with the resources you need to keep your automobile healthy.


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