How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in Value

How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in Value

Are you preparing to buy a new car? Raising your current car’s trade-in value may lower your down payment and create generally lower monthly payments. Simply put: a more valuable trade-in helps generate financial freedom.

If you live near Bedford, Manchester, or Merrimack, NH, read more below. The team at Ira Lexus of Manchester drafted a guide on how to boost your car’s trade-in value.

Easy Tips to Boost Your Car’s Value

How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in ValueA little elbow grease and a quick-fix kit are easy ways that you may be able to create additional value for the vehicle parked in your driveway.

  • Clean your car, truck, or SUV
  • Buy a scratch-repair kit
  • Remove any stains

Cleaning your vehicle creates a good first impression for our team. This includes vacuuming its interior and removing any fabric stains. A quick clean also makes your vehicle ready for the next driver.

If you have a few scratches from shopping carts or a garage wall, you may be able to cover them up with a home scratch repair kit. This small investment can produce a big return when our team evaluates your vehicle.

It’s also important to erase any personal data from your infotainment systems. This creates peace of mind after you trade your vehicle in.

One More Stop for Auto Service

How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in ValueYour vehicle may be due for maintenance. If you have any overdue maintenance issues, a stop for auto service can increase the value of your vehicle. What type of service procedures can raise the value of your vehicle?

  • Multi-point inspection
  • Detailing
  • New headlights
  • New tires and rims

Detected service issues can decrease the value of your car. If your vehicle has any pending vehicle service, ask our team of factory-certified technicians how a multi-point inspection can help you learn what service you need to increase your car’s value.

What Makes Your Vehicle Special?

How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in ValueIt’s important to have documents like your deed and title ready. This makes it possible to process your trade-in. Paperwork can also raise your vehicle’s worth.

How? If your vehicle has not been involved in any major collisions, a vehicle report can validate its pristine record. Maintenance reports can also showcase any work you’ve made to improve your car. This includes receipts for upgrades, like:

  • Premium car stereo system
  • Navigation technology
  • Mobile infotainment
  • Factory-installed improvements
  • Intelligent keys

Infotainment like in-vehicle entertainment systems and navigation upgrades show why your vehicle is different. Factory-installed improvements like leather seats can also validate your car’s status as a VIP.

What’s Your Car Worth?

How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in ValueThe next step in learning how to raise your car’s trade-in value is to find out what it’s worth. This helps you plan the steps you need to boost its value. Our car trade-in calculator can help you begin the process.  To get started, you’ll just need to enter information like:

  • Model year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim
  • Your car’s condition

When you are ready to crunch the numbers, using the tips we mentioned may upgrade your car’s condition. This will help you raise your car’s trade-in value before heading to our dealership.

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We hope our guide on how to boost your car’s trade-in value helps you plan ahead. What’s the next step?

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