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How to Buy a Car Online

Lately, we’ve had many drivers around Bedford and Merrimack ask us how to buy a car online near Manchester, MA. We’re here to tell you that online car shopping is a simple and convenient way to take the wheel of a vehicle you love.

Check out this guide on how to buy a car online from Ira Lexus of Manchester, then check out our inventory to decide which one you want to test drive.

Browse the Inventory using AcceleRide®

One of the best parts about buying a car online is the convenience of browsing the inventory without even leaving your couch. Now, thanks to innovative online platforms like AcceleRide®, this is easier than ever.

AcceleRide® brings the dealership to you by allowing you to explore thousands of cars for sale in your area. Go ahead and play around with all the filters and browse by body style, color, model year, and more.

You can also go straight to the source. Most car dealerships list their full inventory on their websites, giving you the freedom to shop for a car from anywhere. We’ve even integrated AcceleRide® with our website to offer maximum convenience during your online car search.

Build Your Payment and Spending Plans

Once you know which car you want to buy, it’ll be time to build your payment. This will ensure that you’re getting the kind of financing you want. Many dealerships, including our own, strive to make this as simple as possible by offering online tools like a payment calculator.

Plug in the price of the vehicle you like and adjust your loan term and down payment amounts to see what kind of monthly payments you can expect.

We’ve also paired AcceleRide® with our online inventory to help automate the whole process. When you see a car you want to buy, simply click “Build My Payment.” You can then choose your favorite finance option: Lease, Finance, or Pay cash.

It also allows you to add in any vehicles you currently own if you want to include your trade-in value in the payment calculation. Plus, you can add on any prepaid maintenance plans that may benefit you.

Of course, if you need any additional assistance, our team is always here to help. Simply call our finance center and talk over all your options with one of our experienced professionals.

Have Your Car Delivered

The final step when buying a car—in-person or online—is to take the wheel for a test drive. You have so many options here. First you can make an appointment and swing by the dealership to test it out.

Or, you can have your car delivered right to your door! Our sales team will be happy to bring the car to you so that you can get a feel for what it’s like to drive it around your block. We’ll even park it outside your house so that you can see exactly how it’ll look when it’s yours.

If you like it, we’ll make it official. Most car dealerships still require a pen-on-paper signature, but we’ll gladly deliver that, too. All you’ll have to do is sign on the line, and that car can stay right in your driveway.

Buy a Car Online near Manchester MA

Now that you know how to buy a car online, it’s time to get your digital car search going. The team at Ira Lexus of Manchester is here to help you out. Go ahead and click over to our online inventory or contact us to discuss your options with a member of our team. When you’re ready to take it out for a drive, let us know and we’ll set it up.

Drivers near Manchester, Bedford, and Merrimack, MA, can contact us to schedule a test drive today!

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