Lexus LX 570 Lease

Lexus LX 570 Lease

At Ira Lexus of Manchester, we have a whole selection of automobiles to lease, including the LX 570. This large SUV is great for everyday commutes or off-roading around Bedford, Manchester, and Merrimack.
Below, we’ll tell you a bit about this automobile. Then, keep reading to see how you can get a Lexus LX 570 lease at Ira Lexus of Manchester.


THE LEXUS LX 570 has a lot going for it. It’s stylish, spacious, and comfortable, while also being quite powerful. Plus, it handles well on any type of road, whether that’s around town or off the beaten path.
The vehicle comes with an Adaptive Variable Suspension, which monitors and then adjusts the electronically controlled shock absorber settings at every wheel. This helps make every drive as smooth as possible, no matter the current condition of the road.
When going off-roading, you can take advantage of the standard Multi-Terrain Select system. Choose from five different settings, including Rock & Dirt and Mud & Sand. The amount of traction and response gets adjusted with each mode, so that you can stay secure on any landscape.
Finally, you have lots of features inside the vehicle to help keep you happy. This includes a 14-way power driver’s seat and 12-way power front passenger’s seat. Plus, with standard 4-zone climate control, every person in the vehicle can adjust the cabin temperature. As a result, you can all keep the interior as warm or as cool as you’d like.


After discovering what THE LEXUS LX 570 is capable of, we’re sure you’ll want to drive it home as soon as possible. First, though, you’ll need to decide whether you want to buy or lease it.
While both have their benefits, leasing may work better if you like getting a new car every few years. Since a lease term is typically about three years, this allows you to continuously have the latest technologies and safety features in an automobile.
Plus, since you’re getting a brand-new car for a short time, it’s often still under warranty. Therefore, you’ll remain covered in the event of any needed automotive service.
Finally, you get to take advantage of a seamless lease-end process. Once the term is up, you simply return the vehicle to the dealership. You don’t need to think about selling your vehicle down the line. Just bring the LX 570 back to us and either get a newer version of that model or something else entirely—whichever you’d prefer.


Before you can lease the LX 570, you’ll need to decide which version of the SUV you want. You can get the 2-row or 3-row model. There are also lots of exterior colors to choose from, as well as option packages to consider.
After putting together your ideal ride, you can stop by our finance center to begin the leasing process.
We’ll meet with you to go over your lease agreement in great detail. If there are any Lexus LX 570 lease offers, we’ll go over those to see if you’re interested. We’ll also help you select an appropriate mileage package, based on how far you drive every day.
Once we put your entire lease agreement together, we just need you to sign on the dotted line. Then the vehicle is yours to enjoy until it’s time for a new ride.


Are looking to get a luxury large SUV near Bedford, Manchester, or Merrimack? Then, don’t wait. CONTACT IRA LEXUS OF MANCHESTER to get a Lexus LX 570 lease today!