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Sweet Treats at Simply Delicious Baking Co.


Have you been searching for a new bakery to try in Bedford, New Hampshire? If so, you’re in luck! Simply Delicious Baking Co. is right around the corner, and it offers an amazing selection of cakes, baked goods, coffee, and more for you to enjoy.

Meet the Owner

Ever since she was a child, Alexa Firman has loved baking. She took her first cake-decorating class when she was ten, and she continued to take culinary and baking classes throughout her school years.

After she graduated from high school, she attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. During her time there, she had an internship at Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN, where she practiced making bread, rolls, pastries, and danishes and learned how to make special occasion cakes.

In 2016, she graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and later opened Simply Delicious Baking Co. in her hometown of Bedford, where she continues to create delicious desserts for everyone to enjoy.

Baking Pie

Delightful Desserts

Throughout her time at the Culinary Institute of America and Blackberry Farm, Alexa learned the importance of creating high-quality food people can feel good about, so that’s why all the baked goods at Simply Delicious Baking Co. are made with organic, locally sourced ingredients.

The menu includes a wide selection of staples and seasonal treats for you to enjoy. Some of our favorites include the Coffee Cake Streusel Bread, the Apple Crumb Pie, the Cinnamon Scones, and the Chai Shortbread Cookies, but these are just a small sample of all the amazing food they offer.

While you can enjoy a cookie or a slice of your favorite cake at the bakery, you can also order baked goods by the dozen and whole cakes in a variety of sizes.

Iced Coffee

Delicious Drinks

Simply Delicious Baking Co. also offers a wide selection of drinks on their menu that will perfectly complement their baked goods. If you’re in need of a caffeine boost, this bakery offers espresso, drip coffee, iced coffee, and more. All the coffee served in the coffee shop is locally roasted in New Hampshire, so your cup of coffee will taste even better when you know it supports small businesses.

If you’ve reached your java limit for the day, you can still enjoy one of the many delicious beverages on the menu. Simply Delicious Baking Co. has a variety of teas that pair well with its scones and cookies. When you’re craving an even sweeter drink, there’s a great selection of smoothies for you to choose from.

Stop by Simply Delicious Baking Co. Today!

If you’re in search of some sweet treats around Bedford, New Hampshire, we hope you’ll stop by Simply Delicious Baking Co.! With its delightful selection of cakes, baked goods, coffee, and more, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

To get a taste of everything this bakery has to offer, be sure to follow their Facebook page. You’ll find photos of their delicious menu items, updates on open hours, and more.

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