Squeaking Brakes: What Do I Do?

Squeaking Brakes

It’s clear that brakes are an extremely important part of any vehicle. Without a working braking system, your travels around Bedford, Manchester, and Merrimack could become dangerous.

While the brakes are doing their job, they’re generally quiet. You may hear a squeaking noise at some point. What does this mean, and what should you do about it?

We’ll answer these questions in our guide to squeaking brakes. Read all about them below, and CONTACT US at Ira Lexus of Manchester if you have any questions.


There could be many reasons why your brakes are squeaking. Driving conditions can affect brake noise, like braking hard, humidity, or driving on dusty or sandy roads.

When the metal motor that the brake pads squeeze together vibrate, that can cause a squeaking noise. If you have a compact car, you may hear a high-pitched squeal. This is especially the case on the first few stops when the brakes are cold and damp.

If you ever hear a hissing or grinding sound on a rainy or dewy morning, it’s perfectly normal. It just means the brake pads are brushing a thin film of rust that forms on the iron brake discs.

However, many brake pads have a small bit of spring steel that’ll form on the disc as the pad is reaching its wear limit. So, when you hear more a ripping-sheet-metal noise and not a high-pitched note, then you’ll need to get the brakes looked as soon as possible. If you put that off, the brakes will wear down so much that it’ll become unsafe to drive.


Squeaking BrakesNot only are there several reasons why brakes squeak, but there are different ways to fix the issue.

One way to fix squeaky brakes is to change the brake pads to a different type of friction material. To minimize the noise, you’ll want to get brake pads with a high content of organic brake material—think resin, rubber, Kevlar, or fiber. The more organic brake material there is, the fewer metal shavings in the brake pads, resulting in less squeaking.

If you ever hear squeaking from the rear brakes, then the shoe-to-backing-plate contact points need to be lubricated. Once those points lose lubrication, the metal will begin to rust. The shoes will then scrape against the backing plate, causing a squeaking noise with each wheel rotation.

Whether your squeaking brakes needs to be repaired or replaced, we’ll take care of it. Simply bring your vehicle to our state-of-the-art service center. Here, you’ll find technicians will the skills and knowhow to work on all types of brakes. This way, your vehicle will be good as new before you know it. Plus, we’ll only use genuine parts, so you can have a well-running machine for a long time.


We hope we answered all the questions about squeaky breaks. If your squeaky brakes won’t subside, then SCHEDULE SERVICE at Ira Lexus of Manchester. We’ll handle the issue quickly and efficiently, to get you driving around Bedford, Manchester, and Merrimack as soon as possible.

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