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Why Do I Need to Change My Car’s Oil?


If you’ve spent any time behind the wheel, chances are you’ve heard the word oil change get tossed around. If so, you may be wondering why there’s such an emphasis on keeping track of your mileage and changing your oil as the manufacturer recommends. If this sounds like you, we’re here to help.

As strong believers in providing the drivers of Bedford, Manchester, and Merrimack with as much information as possible, we here at Ira Lexus of Manchester have created this Why Do I Need to Change My Car’s Oil reference guide. In this, we’ll talk in depth about oil changes.

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Oil Change

What is Engine Oil?

Before you can better understand why you need to change the oil in your car, you must first understand what engine oil is. This amber-colored fluid is a mix of oils that help to lubricate engine parts, reduce friction and heat, and overall protect your engine. In a nutshell, engine oil helps keep your engine running healthy.

While every car is different, most manufacturers recommend you have your engine oil changed every 5,000 miles. In doing so, not only is it an easy increment to follow, but you’ll likely have a cleaner engine that will last longer. It’s recommended to check your owner’s manual to know exactly how often your car’s oil needs to be changed.

Why Do I Need to Change My Car’s Oil?

In simplest terms, you need to change your car’s oil to ensure your engine’s health and longevity. This oil is what filters out dirt and debris from your engine, which can cause damage and corrosion. Over time, this debris builds up and turns into sludge, which can negatively affect your engine.

This sludge affects the flow of your engine oil, which then decreases its cooling and lubricating properties. Speaking of cooling and lubricating, your car’s oil also helps prevent your engine’s parts—such as valves, pistons, and other components—from rubbing against one another and creating friction.

This friction, in addition to creating extra heat, can increase the time in which the parts wear down without proper lubrication.

Overall, changing your car’s oil regularly is required to ensure the health and longevity of your vehicle. Without proper fluid levels or dirty oil, your engine’s components may wear down faster.

Dark Oil

Signs & Symptoms

While cruising around town you may notice a couple signs and symptoms that your engine oil needs to be changed. These signs include:

  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Loud engine sounds
  • Dark oil
  • And more

As mentioned, your engine oil is amber in color. If it looks darker and thicker, then it’s time to change your car’s oil. It’s recommended to check once a month to see the color and consistency of your car’s oil. This is done simply by removing your car’s dipstick, wiping it clean, and then reinserting it.

After waiting a moment, remove the dipstick again. This will give you an idea of the color, consistency, and amount of engine fluid. If the levels are too low, the oil is dark in color, or if the oil is thick, that means the time has come to change your car’s oil.

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If you’ve noticed any signs or symptoms that could indicate your car’s oil needs to be changed, stop by our service center. Regularly changing your car’s oil will help increase your engine’s lifespan and the overall quality of your commute around Bedford, Manchester, and Merrimack.

At Ira Lexus of Manchester, our team of service technicians are here to quickly and efficiently change your car’s oil to help get you back on the road in little to no time at all. Schedule your car’s service appointment today!

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